Just like that – 3

Just like that – 3

They added a drop of Sulfuric acid in water melon juice and poisoned him to death.

The pattern lock of my mobile is similar to the one which is on the device that opens the gates of Pentagon.

Venomous snake reached the top of the skyscraper through the optical fibre cables. The snake catchers are using the elevators to reach there.

Flame of the candle destroyed the darkness which was witnessed by some blind people.

The stylish villagers are dancing inside the discotheque with earthen pots on their heads.

I moved the cursor to open the door of our London room where I found wild cats and domestic rats.

When Bejan Daruwala met Batliboi, Chinnaswamy was angry with Pervez Batliwala.

The thief who stole her heart is the same religious criminal who looted the bank branch of Bilaspur

To think like Arun you need to have the brains of an insane person whose IQ level is minus 250 plus 520.


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