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Work From Home -2021

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I am not happy. PHIR SE work from home.

When my colleague parked his bike this morning the security watchmen noticed we were carrying some packing material /bags. He asked “sir ye bag kisliye” we have to say humko work from home karna hain. Computers ghar le jaana hain.

If you all decide to move out of the premises what will happen to our job. He was telling their agency has started preparing the list who will continue and who won’t – FIRST disappointing moment of the day.

When we were packing our systems at around 12 noon the housekeeping lady entered our office and was asking my colleague “sir chai milega kya” and this was first time. It was for some guests. They knew we have a tea machine at our office. We gave some tea bags to add smile on her face. When we informed we will be working from home, she was disappointed – perhaps worried what will happen to her job.

Sir aap sab log office nahi aaoge to humko yahan Kaam nahi rahega aur hamara job ka problem hoga.

I personally dislike staying at home for long hours because of the abnormal morning routine. It’s always good to go for a walk take a bath wear good clothes and move outside and meet different people, challenges, get frustrated, stressed out, explore your creativity, crack jokes and there are many things which you come across every single day. Uska Alag Maza Hain.

This work from home will leave me in a state of depression. I just hate it.

Akshay & his toys

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Inconveniences are at its peak today. No power supply at our place. Some pre-planned maintenance work is in progress. Inverter is functioning but don’t know how long it will breath. We cannot start TV PC WIFI and all electronic gadgets are in critical stage. Power banks will now be on ventilator shortly.

As we all are electronically ruined these days without having access to devices means you are lost. I was chatting with my son as how to spend time and we decided to open the old museum / godown inside our house.

Few things / toys which I bought for him when he was a Baba school boy…It was all preserved as priceless treasures. Today we discussed about our past life, struggles and some funny short stories. How careful and also how careless🤣I was in the past with regard to the family matters.

I think some invisible creatures have built a nest on my watch – My basic necessities and this is lockdown development.

Pocket Books

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The first time when I came to know about such books are while travelling to my native place. The train passes through some parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and in the book stalls of some stations I could see these books.

Even today, when I travel long distance I keep looking for these pocket books. I crave for this stuff because it looks attractive and the contents are systematically placed inside. Reading or not reading is a different thing🤣 You can carry the book easily because of its size and weight. Some of these books are lying in the corner of my shelf for years and years but I don’t feel like throwing or selling this to raddhiwala. Some are either gifted or stolen.

These books are based on specific topic and written in very simple language. Comprehensive coverage of everything you wanted to know. This is for people like me who did not pay attention to studies in school and college. You get to know the basics of everything through these books. Ek alag kushi milthi hain bachpan ke syllabus ko read phir se karne mein.

Nowadays we don’t find such books in any of the book stalls. We don’t know if Manoj Publications exists or it is sealed / closed.

14th September 2020

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Evening 5.30 PM Today – View from my window

It was always beautiful through the lens in the past but now the situation is different – terribly sad.

I live in first floor and sometimes I stand near the window with a curiosity to know what’s happening in the garden.

Prior to the corona era, there were kids most of the times. Playing jumping dancing…It was all beautiful.. those days.

Now the garden seems to be a haunted spot. Nobody is around. It is disappointing and painful. Imagine if the garden has to pen down its autobiography. How it would express the sadness. The charm, glory, joy, happiness – all is lost…

It was raining today when I clicked the picture. Even if it does not rain, there is deathly silence these days.

Let’s pray for everyone and everything.

Pray for the strangers. Pray for the people who are closely related to you.. the friends.. colleagues

We have to overcome the fear of this pandemic.

Stay safe and take care.

As ever,

Arun Thevar

The Lost Book

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May I have your attention please!
Pata nahi kahan kho gaya ye mera entertaining book. Ye purana photo saboot hain ke main hi iska maalik hoon…


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Ever since childhood I was fascinated by the idea of writing on the pictures. When in school we had textbooks and in history subject we had B/W pictures of great leaders. Those days I enjoyed creating dialogues showing the leaders are having serious conversation with one another. It was all fun and interesting hobby for me. Pencils were used because we can erase the content whenever we want. We were always scared of teachers or parents that they should not notice these things.

I am sure many of you must have done this but will hesitate to admit it. Use comment box below to boldly reveal good things about yourself.

All that we did in the past has now only changed the forms. Presented in different ways. You did it on the books earlier and now on the images using your PC smart phones.

Books & Cinema Lover
As ever,

Arun Thevar

Ganesh Chaturthi

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Tomorrow is a big festival day for all of us.

Just a request to all those who are reading this post. Many of our friends, neighbors, relatives will be on fully festive mood. You may find people in groups, moving on the streets, chanting, singing, bringing the idols of Lord Ganesha to their homes.

Some over smart people will shoot videos with the intention to convey message to everyone that people are careless. Nobody is worried about the corona. Create stories and spread messages.

If you receive such videos please do not share on any social media platforms. I received one clip few minutes ago on WA which was captioned “ Dadar flower market crowd” and this is the reason I was prompted to share my feelings.

We have to learn to live with Covid-19. Everybody wants to live and nobody would be interested in risking their lives however we the Indians cannot stop ourselves to stay calm during festival days. Let people enjoy. Don’t create trouble for people who want to get into devotional mood and celebrate the festival.

May Lord Ganesha shower blessings on everyone and we overcome this pandemic very soon.

Ganpati Bappa Morya

As ever,

Arun Thevar

Movies with subtitles

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Watching dubbed South Indian movies in Hindi with English subtitles will help you to improvise your Hindi and also English language skills. You learn many words in all three languages if you are South Indian. Your mother tongue, the national language, and the one which is gifted by the British people who ruled your ancestors in the past.  


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Presentations in PowerPoint and playing with excel formulae will happen on regular basis as long as my professional life continues. However, at the fag end of my life, I would like to go to Himalayas and live with the monks. Wear saffron, drink tea and do yoga and meditation. Just waiting for my kids to complete their studies and get settled. Phir to Birbal Jayega Parbat Ke Us Paar😊