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Create your own work

Create your own work if you are not fully occupied with work at the office. To be clearer, think of creating new tasks for yourself. If you are an old employee, it is easy for you.  You know what is happening around and the skills and talent you have. Coordinate with your colleagues and bosses. Ask for work and find ways to keep yourself busy.

You cannot think of meditation or watch movies on YouTube when you are in office.


Crap News


1. Deepika Padukone’s family dress code for events is white shirt Blue Jeans
2. Aaradhya ready for Bharatnatyam
3. Taimur joins twitter

(2 & 3 मेरे तरफ़ से ये अप्डेट😊)

Expected headlines in the coming days

1. Rakhi Sawant absconding with the nephew of Uganda’s prime minister
2. Varun Dhawan eats 10 Panipuri everyday
3. Boney Kapoor in Tirupati. Next trip planned for the Himalayas to meet the monks.
4. Cockroaches enter Big Boss house
5. Hardik Pandya’s cat name is Bandya…..

Filter coffee

Today about an hour ago I visited a nearby UDUPI restaurant. This one is renovated and I loved the makeover. All breakfast items were available but I thought will have Aiyar (Iyer) filter coffee😊 and successfully had it.. a full cup.

Soothing gayathri mantra BG music, the mangalore people language mein chitchat boss and staff ka… the small temple at the cash counter, agarbatti ka sugandh and the tawa ka awaaz jisme paav bhaji ban raha tha… sab milke ek interesting mahole bana which was exciting and majedhaar….

If you are 45 and above


We grew up in the era when television was initially active only for 2 hours( 6.30 to 8.30) & the few shows which we would desperately wait to watch was Spiderman, Hoshiyaar, Chayageet, Chitrahaar Giant Robo… I remember these..followed by Yeh Jo Hain Zindagi, Humlog, Dekh Bhai Dekh and then there was revolution STAR TV MTV VTV…

No youtube no inspirational stuff online those days. Google was at its infant stages I believe.

No BPO, KPOs….succeeding in professional life was also a powerful struggle mainly for people who were academically very poor like me. Big companies refused to shortlist our CV’s😊

I was madly in love with two actors Bachchanji and Mithunda and always wanted to perform on their songs which ultimately happened in the past few months because of TikTok. Grand Salute.

These are the few dance steps which I know. Certainly not a professional dancer or artist. All that I do is to keep myself busy and live with my hobbies. Some of my friends suggested me to try acting, kuch logon ne bola web series mein kaam karo😊 A Big NO…. Main aisa hi tik hoon… low confident😊

Thank you for the likes on my videos and posts friends.Have forcefully tagged some school friends in this post and I am sure they won’t mind it.

Until now 56

Until now 56

Nana Patekar’s Bollywood movie which I watched with English subtitles. His wife in this movie Revathi sometimes used tamil words in conversation and then I got to know:

KAAYAM tamil word for hindi word  HING is ASAFOETIDA in English.

Kaayam aur Hing to tik hain lekin itna bada English word Asafoetida….. koi continent medicine ka naam laga mujhe.

I have never seen any Bhojpuri movie with Hindi subtitles. If you come across, please send me the link. Thank you.

Sandesh Wangule

Sandesh Wangule

When you make your team members feel comfortable, there is always scope of witnessing funny and hilarious office moments and that is required for a healthy environment at workplace.

Sandy was my assistant around 10 years ago in the organisation where I am currently working with. One day he came to me and said:

Sir, aap bohot tension mein lag rahe ho.

Main aapko aisa dekh nahi saktha

MAIN GHAR PE JAUN KYA.. Smart words for asking for early leave from office.

Everyone was laughing. Joke hi aisa bhaari maara tha usne…….

Ek se ek namunon ke saath kaam kiya hoon zindagi mein isliye main bhi namuna ban gaya.


Arrival of Rains

Arrival of rain with a bang. Rain God, you Rock!

Few random things that I normally do when it rains.

If it is drizzling, carrying umbrella is ruled out. I want the rain drops to fall on me and its fun if we get partly wet (5 to 10%). When it rains heavily, I carry two umbrellas and also will have raincoat to protect me.

Raw peanuts drive me crazy in monsoon. The road side hawker will charge 20 INR for 250 grams. When there is cut down in rates say 15, I will be happy to pay him 20. I will ask him to consider 5 INR as tips.

Tea, Coffee, Chinese Soup sometimes, Old Monk, Old Monk and again Old Monk to get rid of hangover.

I cannot go and catch but I like to search these creatures at the lake sides. Crabs are very nice. You enjoy seeing and also eating them.

Providing shelters to dogs and cats by opening the gates of my society. Where will they go if we don’t help them?

I try to grab the middle seat if I travel by rickshaw. You are safe. Let the other two passengers curse me for the achievement.

Barsaat ke mausam mein, tanhai ke aalam mein, main ghar se nikal aaya, bottle bhi uta laaya, abhi zinda hoon to jee lene do, bari barsaat me pi lene do. I like singing this song although my voice is below average but tolerable.

Cherish the memories of my crush wala days. Gaiety, Galaxy, Gemini with Suhasini, Rohini and Malini.  With Veronica in Bandstand.

This is meant for all the seasons – not just when it rains. I do this every single moment.

Keep thinking, imagine, read, write, exploring creativity, sing songs, dance, shoot videos. Convince people to accept and tolerate me