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My complicated real name is Muthuraj Arunachalam Thevar (MAT). When I found it’s quite a long name and people cannot remember, I decided to straightaway abbreviate so that the calling of my name becomes effortless. Now people call me ARUN.

I wanted to pursue IIT, IIM, BE, ME, etc. but these institutions failed to shortlist my application and refused to give me admission after checking the credentials. I take pride in thanking them for their decision.

By the way, I am a commerce graduate from Mumbai University. Worked with various industries over a period of 25 years. You can discuss with me about Software, BPO, KPO, Movies, Osho, Chanakya, Creativity, Blogging, Akbar, Birbal, Obama, Amitabh, Mithun, Feroz Khan, and Zeenat Aman.

I am the eldest amongst the five kids of my mom and dad who is athrangi and sathrangi. I was weak in studies and there are many negative points in me which one may find in a spoiled brat. For your information, I know nothing.

Wife is a housewife and she is assigned the task of cooking delicious food for me. My daughter has completed BMS and will pursue an MBA starting this year. Last year she cleared exams like CAT, BAT, RAT and LEOPARD with flying colors.

Son is my carbon copy. You can see his videos in my blog.

Thank you for wasting your precious time in reading the above crap.



Random  & Unusual Facts : 

  • AT did not pursue any major computer course except the stale Windows 3.1 in the year 1995. He loves self-learning and uses Google to find out the answers to his questions.

  • Clash with the cop on the streets during his college days is the only major spat in AT’s life. Quite an unfortunate incident happened on a festival day.

  • AT is a peace-loving person living with a mission to add smiles on people’s faces with his fun, humor, ideas, and intelligence. His only objective is to live a happy life and keep others happy.

  • Featured in Hindustan Times dated 27th February 2010. A unique project for the place he lives in. Felicitated by local political leaders during the 2011 Raas Garba event.

  • Selected as Personal Assistant and Secretary to Anuradha Yusuf who is associated with Fashion Industry. If it was not GI (the present organization) it would have been AT working in a different environment, understanding the lifestyle and mannerisms of rich and famous.

  • In a quiz show held at Bhandup won 2nd prize. A book was the prize  autographed by Antakshari Fame and yesteryears actor who is famous for doing character roles “ANU KAPOOR”

  • Worked as Part-Time Cashier in the restaurant famous for Italian Foods, Under the Over, Kemps Corner while doing S.Y.B.com. Got an opportunity to speak with Mr. Maker when he visited the restaurant (Man behind Chambers and Towers in Nariman Point & Cuffe Parade)

  • Although a Tamilian MA has command over the poetic hindi language. Also familiar with lyrics of most of the religious hindi songs. Sant Kabir Dohas, Krishna Amritvani, festival hits are some of the MP3 files which he is never going to delete from his mobile device.

  • The first movie which he saw on video parlor is Jeetendra Rajesh Khanna starrer “MAQSAD” by paying Rs. 2 and hindi movie which he has seen maximum times till date is Amitabh Bachchan’s “AGNEEPATH”

  • You will meet the same Arun when you wake him up at 2.00 AM in midnight or interact with him at 2.00 PM in the afternoon. All his pains and problems are kept as secret just as filmstars keep the news about their crush files away from their wives and money from the Income Tax authorities.

  • Played football only once in his entire life on the muddy ground under heavy rains. The venue was Dockyard Colony, Kanjurmarg. This was during school days.

  • Reconstructing the existing contents or designs from Google images is a possibility which he might have tried but AT never straight-away copied anything from the internet. He always believes in exploring things, doing something different with the knowledge he has and the resources available through Google.



The aim is to enjoy the freedom of expression and I cannot find a better option than having my own personal blog. A platform was necessary where I can showcase my talent. The amateurish creativity, original ideas, pakau limericks and sometimes motivational boring articles.

This blog is my library on the internet.

Everything you see on this blog is original and no content is copied from any other websites, books or other sources. The posts may be influenced by someone’s work but I have tried to present it in my own style.

Memes are original.

The creativity you see here is the result of self-learning. Visit this blog regularly for original ideas, fun, and entertainment.

Have a rapchik dhinchak day.



Hello everyone and welcome to my personal blog!

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