Just like that – 2

Just like that – 2

Arun wrote the following titles

Ant and the Elephant

Needle and the Sword

Caterpillar and the Butterfly

Lizard and the Crocodile

Balloon and the Parachute

Blade and the Axe

Naala and the River

Coal and the Diamond

Millilitre and Quintal

Hut and the Palace

Mishel would like to add –

Cat and the Lion

Student and the Principal

Chaddi and the Banian

Lungi and the Hat

Superman and Chotta Bheem

Tiffin box and Lota

Email and Inland letter

Water and Wine

Amnesia and Insomnia

Priest and the Psychopath

Crocin and Prozac

Brown sugar and Pepper

Pencil box and suitcase




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