Thank you BPES

Dear FRNZ,

Please accept my deepest thanks for a memorable reunion. The initiative by Shibu, which was succeeded by each one of you deserves loads of accolades and appreciation.

I have been asked by many of my colleagues, friends and relatives about the abnormality they see in my behaviour these days. Always glued to the mobile phone and busy on whatsapp. They were expecting my response but I did not elaborate anything in a detailed manner.

Today I have to share my views with you guys!!!!

This was not an irritating chat session which I had with my school friends. I have been sharing with you my feelings, thoughts, happiness, knowledge and what else. The list is endless. We were understanding each other. Sense of humor and patience was being tested. The hilarious moments which we spent talking to each other was necessary to add smiles on our faces. We were exposed to a different world, where we met people who did not hold personal grudges, possess negative attitude, ego etc. We were RAW and FRESH when we interacted with each other in the group. Similar to what we were, while we were studying together in BPES.

Love you friends. Be in touch.

You have to excuse me if anytime I disappointed, any of you, with my comments.