Birthday wishes PK


Birthday wishes

We all appreciate your energy levels and enthusiasm. It is very difficult to find hard working ladies like you and I think all the group members will also agree to this fact. Truly you are inspiration and if not with others, I can tell my daughter about your daily itinerary.

In the initial stages once our group is formed you made the chat sessions interesting with your humor and funny arguments with me. This urged everyone to stay tuned in the group and gel with each other with their bits. These things play a crucial role and we should never forget the person who poured kerosene to keep this FIRE LIVE and ALIVE….our admin.


Enjoy…….It’s your day…


Inactive Members

This message is for all inactive members. On one particular day during our chat session, it was brought to my notice that I do not allow others to share their views. There are no personal grudges against anyone. All are one and equal for me however it is quite natural that all those who are regularly online will be more confronted and comfortable with each other. Because we interact more, the less patience in giving responses and we cannot wait to speak out. I am curious and spontaneous most of the times. This forces me to be quick and type 8-10 lines  at one stroke. You should also curse my typing speed to some extent. It is because I have typed a lot in my professional life. I started as a data entry operator. Most of the hours in a day I spend looking at the monitor screen than concentrating on the nature’s beauty and babes.

Shylanand Maharaj

Shylanand Maharaj has finally decided to give up spirituality. Al his preachings and teachings,  was annoying all of us. Two days he was absolutely abnormal. I have even visited my family doctor to get medicines for headache and nausea after tolerating his words for two consecutive days. Admin is requested to reimburse the expenses when I submit my medicine bills during our next AGM. The person who is being highly acclaimed for his contribution towards digital world, making videos, slideshows and entertaining our BPES group was all of a sudden lost in a strange world. His devotional one liners in pure hindi language was making all of us mad. Finally we are happy that he is back to the safe corner. Welcome back Shyleshbhai.