Pocket Books

The first time when I came to know about such books are while travelling to my native place. The train passes through some parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and in the book stalls of some stations I could see these books.

Even today, when I travel long distance I keep looking for these pocket books. I crave for this stuff because it looks attractive and the contents are systematically placed inside. Reading or not reading is a different thing🤣 You can carry the book easily because of its size and weight. Some of these books are lying in the corner of my shelf for years and years but I don’t feel like throwing or selling this to raddhiwala. Some are either gifted or stolen.

These books are based on specific topic and written in very simple language. Comprehensive coverage of everything you wanted to know. This is for people like me who did not pay attention to studies in school and college. You get to know the basics of everything through these books. Ek alag kushi milthi hain bachpan ke syllabus ko read phir se karne mein.

Nowadays we don’t find such books in any of the book stalls. We don’t know if Manoj Publications exists or it is sealed / closed.