Try this today

Good morning,

if you are not learning, doing anything new everyday, its an indication that you are ageing fast. These are some ways, techniques to stimulate interest and spice up your life.


Change the theme of your blog, fix the widgets in new set up.

Start chewing the tasteless tulsi leaves for few minutes.

Forget Honey Singh, Badshah and listen to Manna Dey. Old is Gold. This gem is rarely heard and he has an amazing voice.

Skip your lunch and instead drink litres of water to keep your stomach full.

Play Bappi Da & Mithun’s songs of 70-80’s and be a disco dancer today. Forget Hip Hop, Salsa, Khalsa, Ruia, Ruparel.

Having too many email accounts is a pain. Delete the ones that are lying like a corpse on the Internet.

Open the wardrobe,stare at your clothes and sincerely apologise. Tell them lockdown has forced you to avoid them.

Don’t buy or sell anything. Just visit OLX to know how people are describing trash.

These are few random things which you can try for today. Rest in next.

As ever,

Arun Thevar