Geography Subject

1987-88 SSC Batch
BPES High School, Bhandup, Bombay

Since it is Eclipse day today I would like to share my connection with the subject “ Geography”


The dimensions of the textbooks of all the other subjects were of average size but Geography was exceptional. Extra large, for it has to exhibit our solar system. The sky is high and huge and no one can deny it.😊

Whenever I was promoted to the next class, I would curiously wait for the launching of the new set of textbooks (not for reading😊 but to get the feeling of the scented smell of these books)

Let me disclose I was always fascinated by the pictures in the Geography textbook. Amazing pictures of everything that is on the sky. The other textbook for which I would crave to see every year was history . You get a cinematic kind of feeling because you are reading about the heroes of our freedom struggle.

The day our Geography teacher use to bring GLOBE to the class, I would say to myself – Aaj timepass hain… Maza aayega… I was always attracted to maps in school days but till date I failed to understand why such complications and divisions when it comes to America. North America, South America, United States of America. If they wanted to call America a continent, why they never thought of giving different names to these babies. Very poor geographical decisions😊 Rich country with shortage of names.

Paying respects and remembering our brilliant and scholarly teacher Late Rama Singh Sir. He passed away due to a heart attack few years ago. May his soul rest in peace.

Thank you for reading

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