A jumbo size message but I know your tolerance level is high and you won’t hesitate to spare few minutes of your precious time in reading this post.

Many thanks for writing on my Facebook wall and conveying your heartiest wishes. Initially, I kept count and but later after 8.30 AM today morning, I gave up because I realized my mathematics is weak. For acknowledging every individual message I would have to appoint a personal assistant which I cannot afford at this stage. This is the reason I choose this way out. A common acknowledgment of all the messages I have received on FB, whatsapp via phone calls from Mumbai, Chennai, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Libya and Syria.

Friends, thanks for being around and all these years when I tried my best to glorify myself doing self-boasting exercises and blowing my own trumpet to draw your attention on Facebook, I received appreciation and at the same time, I have to welcome criticisms too. There were posts which were meaningless and senseless stuff were in circulation which would expose my limitations but I never cared. I loved FB because it allowed me to interact with this generation creative young minds. Understand their potential and try to catch up with them in the race although I am aging. Think of them and be innovative. Most of my friends on FB are below 30 and today I am 46 not out. The gap is big but when I am online, I feel I am one amongst them.

Always be happy and make others happy.

Keep learning 24x 7, even in your dreams, from everything, everywhere and everyone because you are on this planet to teach others all that you have learned. Engage yourself in this noble work and you will enjoy your life. You don’t have to be `super qualified engineer or highly placed on the pedestal in the organization to train others. There is reverse mentoring too. Superiors are learning from their subordinates these days.


Best of luck and once again, thank you for the wishes and making my day.

With lots of love

Arun Thevar


Siddhant Arora 320+ movies, 15 novels, 18 TV series …still a virgin.

Arun Thevar 672 selfies, 110 TP videos, Samsung J7 user, Axis Bank Account, Daily 40 minute walk and 12 hour talk….not a virgin

How about you?

Have the pleasure of introducing yourself in this laconic style

MM, International Model, Skating expert, Language specialist, Europe traveler, Prozac explorer, Psychiatrist Shopper, Anti-Depressant Nicotine Junkie, Sex Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll. No Television!

Our 2nd Getto Welcome Speech

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am Mrs. Mary Suman been the responsibility to address the welcome speech; an opportunity given with less than 6 months

I officially welcome one and all the members of BPES batch of 1987-88 for the 2nd reunion party. It’s almost 28 years since we left the gates of our alma mater in order to pursue our life long dreams.

This definitely smells like teen spirit as well as fills our minds with the past memories. I believe there to be at least 30 of our friends here. The number will fluctuate by minutes. This morning will be a special and meaningful morning for all of us. Many of our friends who cannot make it today have sent in their well wishes.

Among us now who are here, Shekhar have flew back all the way from UK, Jaqueline from the capital of our motherland (Delhi) Rekha Singh from Chennai and rest from the near and far from Mumbai. This indicates that school friends are the undeletable files of our hard drives.

Friends! Your presence will surely add a soothing effect and make this re-union a successful and memorable one. For our friends who are not here, may this day be a reason for them to find time for our next re-union.

Would you kindly allow me to make a bold proposal? Since this is a rare occasion, shall I use as a tribute to our BPES teachers, give all of you a big round of applause. Thank you.

I haven’t been to the first re-union which was held 2 years back in Kanjurmarg. This time I had the perfect opportunity to meet my friends after such a long time.

If memory is the child, high school is a mother. This is where our mod is, our framework, our philosophies in life have taken its roots. It has always been a fact that high school is the venue for almost all of us, our first towards adulthood.

Time flies, so much have changed. Our looks, our receding hairstyles, our waistlines, our address, still our school memories are fresh in our minds.

Once again I welcome, one and all present here. Have a wonderful time meeting our old friends and classmates. I’m indeed proud and happy.

The very popular autograph message during our school days:

There are big ships,

There are small ships

But there is no ship


Now, I request the newcomers, who hasn’t come to the 1st reunion to please, place your footsteps forward, over to the stage and introduce yourself.


Autobiography of Stapler

Autobiography of Stapler

Let me introduce myself. People call me stapler.

I am a rare device from the world of metals. My purpose is to unite two or more pages. You cannot also rely on gums and pastes to bring pages together so people working in offices prefer my use. I accommodate a tiny bunch of pins, usually 100 nos. which is shelved inside me. Every time I perform and I am used, there is the release of one pin from my body.

Due to paperless office concept, I am slightly losing my importance these days. Many of the users who use to keep me at the desk, at a location where I am reachable, have now tried putting me inside the desk drawers. I am deeply saddened and hurt by this negligence shown by the people.

Currently, my owner, Arun Thevar has misplaced me and he is always looking out for my cousins who belong to the staff working at tax department of GI.  Riddhi Wagaskar is using my elder brother.


Happy Teacher’s day


Can you think of any leader, guru, mentor, motivational speaker, tutor, teacher,  orator or other achievers along these lines, who play a crucial role in increasing your knowledgeability?

No, you can’t.

Google gives you a comprehensive insight on anything that you wish to learn.

Other salient features:

Google is never tired of supplying you informative stuff from the pages it has assembled. All that you need is to go ahead with clicks, clicks, and clicks and smart people know to filter and pick the authentic information.

Google teacher is available for one and all. It does not discriminate the knowledge seekers, works 24 x7 including public holidays. If you have a proper internet connection, the digital library is within your reach, at your fingertips and right in front of your eyes. The slight effort is needed.

Google does not show any tantrums when you ask a question. Recipient with humility, super active, never dull, never frustrated and very much down to earth. Always ready to assist.

Please join me in wishing HAPPY TEACHERS DAY to GOOGLE, the mother of all institutions.