WA Status

When I was checking random videos on TikTok I saw this clip where two female dancers are dancing like street smart taporis on a 15 seconds banjo music. It was worth watching and I immediately felt, I should save the clip and keep it as WA status for the next 24 hours.

People in my contact list will enjoy. Again, the other reason every day I keep my boring selfie videos as status so a change is required. Let me show them something different. I did it. Nothing vulgar about it and it was all cool dance moves.

After saving the clip on WA status, within 15 minutes I could see there were more than 25 views. 3 friends from my contact list were so excited that they requested me on private window “sir, wo video bhejo na” Kabhi yaad nahi karne wale bhi  yaad karne lage”

This is the trick which you can use when you have to force others to be in touch with you.