What kind of people are too emotional?

People like me.

But I am still struggling to find what kind of person am I?

Caring people are always emotional.

People who have a high level of patience are generally emotional because they are receptive to others and have been listening to the problems of others throughout their life. Once you get habituated to this process at the time of interacting with others, your nature changes. You put things like love, sympathy, feelings etc above wealth, status, name, fame, and glory.

These are my views. There may be many other answers to this question.

Why are you so Fheku?

It is necessary to be FHEKU sometimes. Sharing cooked up stories to add smiles on people’s faces is my hobby. This is not a crime or sin. Since childhood, I have been a very talkative person so behaving like a successful FHEKU is not a difficult thing for me. One thing I ensure I don’t deliver anything which will hurt others. You meet me in person and I will prove to you that I am an entertainer.

Whats become clear to you as you’ve gotten older?

No scope for satisfactory appraisal by the employers in professional life.

Weak eyesight and some business for the opticians

Kids will start avoiding me because I will now be considered as a philosopher giving lectures and not an entertaining father.

Fifty percent off in railway tickets. A facility is in the queue but 10 more years to go.

Grey or otherwise white hairs.

Youngsters of my kid’s age will start touching my feet and seek blessings which I generally hate.

I will struggle to cope up with the pace of technology upgrades.

Typing speed will accelerate because this is the only thing which I am very much conversant.

What is the reason why people hate fat people and ugly people?

There is no reason as such but people are tempted to avoid those who are not similar to them in terms of physical beauty. Odd man out is always targeted. It depends on the upbringing, the society to which they belong, the friend circle and everything around. If the behavior is natural we can at least forgive but if they are given instructions by their parents to avoid ugly people, then it is a matter of concern.

Check the history and you will find many examples who were not good by appearances but have achieved milestones.

Here I would like to bring to your notice, there are people who don’t like the company of fat and ugly but because they are rich, they forcibly try to prove that they enjoy spending times with people who have a personality clash.

Example : Boney Kapoor tying knot with Sridevi.

Can you write a story starting with the line “One day while walking down the street, I saw a woman coming out of an ATM with a black purse.

“One day while walking down the street, I saw a woman coming out of an ATM with a black purse” I don’t know if she had withdrawn money or not but one thing I can sense, she was listening Bollywood song because I could see headphones attached to her ears and mobile in her hand., perhaps latest item number. I can make out from her facial gestures. There are possibilities it could be baby doll, munni badnaam hui, bano tera swagger but I was not sure. To gather courage and enquire about her choices of songs was out of the question because I generally don’t speak to lovely ladies who are beautiful and also a stranger to me. If they don’t respond I would be making a mockery of myself so better avoid such interaction.

She stood at the bus stop which was close to the ATM center. Suddenly a Honda city arrived and gentlemen offered her lift and she, without any hesitation stepped in and VANISHED FROM MY LIFE. This was THE END of our short meeting where we both were deaf and dumb but not blind. We saw each other but did not utter a single word. Such is life diaries. Thanks for reading.

Who will cry if you die today?

I hate funerals and would not attend of my own.

At a certain point in time and at the eleventh hour lying on the bed, sometimes I use to think about the list of people who will be attending my funeral.

I know few of them. Certainly, my family members, close relatives, and friends will cry. Apart from these people, I am not sure about others.