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Until now 56

Until now 56

Nana Patekar’s Bollywood movie which I watched with English subtitles. His wife in this movie Revathi sometimes used tamil words in conversation and then I got to know:

KAAYAM tamil word for hindi word  HING is ASAFOETIDA in English.

Kaayam aur Hing to tik hain lekin itna bada English word Asafoetida….. koi continent medicine ka naam laga mujhe.

I have never seen any Bhojpuri movie with Hindi subtitles. If you come across, please send me the link. Thank you.

Sandesh Wangule

Sandesh Wangule

When you make your team members feel comfortable, there is always scope of witnessing funny and hilarious office moments and that is required for a healthy environment at workplace.

Sandy was my assistant around 10 years ago in the organisation where I am currently working with. One day he came to me and said:

Sir, aap bohot tension mein lag rahe ho.

Main aapko aisa dekh nahi saktha

MAIN GHAR PE JAUN KYA.. Smart words for asking for early leave from office.

Everyone was laughing. Joke hi aisa bhaari maara tha usne…….

Ek se ek namunon ke saath kaam kiya hoon zindagi mein isliye main bhi namuna ban gaya.


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