This is purely a non-commercial blog/site. It is the hobby of the blogger to explore his creativity and he is not interested in monetizing this blog. Earning money through this blog is ruled out.

“Bhagwan ka diya sab kuch hain hamare paas, baaki kuch zaroorat pada to Shaitaan se request karke le lenge”

Most of the videos featuring in the blog are my own videos and if there are videos from other YouTube channels, please note I have taken permission from the owners of the channels (exp:  Mumbai Tamizhan members, who are distant relatives. Ganesh Thevar lives in Vile Parle & I live in Thane, 28 km  distance)

Copyrighted images are rarely used. Curse Google for bringing the images in front of my eyes.

If any viewer/first-party/second party / third-party / BJP party / Congress party/ all parties who own the copyrights  find the images, audios, videos on the blog related to their digital property in this blog,  please contact forumarun@gmail.com

I will take the immediate steps ASAP,  edit/delete your contents but I don’t want any legal action against me. Spare me.

Thank you for understanding and co-operation.

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