The aim is to enjoy the freedom of expression and I cannot find a better option than having my own personal blog. A platform was necessary where I could assemble the creative stuff that is widely scattered on the internet, which lies on my FB account, twitter, personal laptop, Google Drive, PD’s etc. This blog is my library on the internet. Disregarding what others might think about me, I have tried some weird experiments like singing Bollywood songs, creating selfie-videos, etc.  Friends, fans, well-wishers, family and my colleagues will find this blog interesting, however, people who are strangers can be of the opinion that I am insane and fully falthu personality.

It gives me a great pleasure to inform that everything you see on this blog is original and no content is copied from any other websites, books or other sources. Blogs are written in simple language because this is the only way I can write. Less usage of thesaurus, synonyms and high fandu words because I am not from a literature background and I don’t want to complicate my life and the life of the readers. If you find minor grammatical errors in the blog you are permitted to curse my grammar teacher of school days.

I have shared the experiences of my personal and professional life. Some of the cases are narrated hilariously because ARUN THEVAR  “24 x 7” fun and entertainment.

This creativity is the result of self-learning. Visit this blog regularly for original ideas, fun and entertainment.