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Autobiography of a Stapler

Let me introduce myself. People call me stapler.

I am a rare device from the world of metals. My purpose is to unite two or more pages. You cannot also rely on gums and pastes to bring pages together so people working in offices prefer my use. I accommodate a tiny bunch of pins, usually 100 nos. which is shelved inside me. Every time I perform and I am used, there is the release of one pin from my body.

Due to paperless office concept, I am slightly losing my importance these days. Many of the users who use to keep me at the desk, at a location where I am reachable, have now tried putting me inside the desk drawers. I am deeply saddened and hurt by this negligence shown by the people.

Currently, my owner, Arun Thevar has misplaced me and he is always looking out for my cousins who belong to the staff working at tax department of GI.  Riddhi Wagaskar is using my elder brother.


Daily Blogs

Happy Teacher’s day


Can you think of any leader, guru, mentor, motivational speaker, tutor, teacher,  orator or other achievers along these lines, who play a crucial role in increasing your knowledgeability?

No, you can’t.

Google gives you a comprehensive insight on anything that you wish to learn.

Other salient features:

Google is never tired of supplying you informative stuff from the pages it has assembled. All that you need is to go ahead with clicks, clicks, and clicks and smart people know to filter and pick the authentic information.

Google teacher is available for one and all. It does not discriminate the knowledge seekers, works 24 x7 including public holidays. If you have a proper internet connection, the digital library is within your reach, at your fingertips and right in front of your eyes. The slight effort is needed.

Google does not show any tantrums when you ask a question. Recipient with humility, super active, never dull, never frustrated and very much down to earth. Always ready to assist.

Please join me in wishing HAPPY TEACHERS DAY to GOOGLE, the mother of all institutions.

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Where in the world are you?

At my office desk, the condition of which you will not be able to visualize. Let me describe the master setup in bullet points. Here I go :

  1. There is a 500 ml bottle of AMLA JUICE which is also called Indian Gooseberry of which i have consumed just 50 ml until now.
  2. There is a diary which I use as a graffiti board. You will find all colors of inks used to pen down points here.
  3. A stapler lying like an orphan which I rarely use because I love paperless office and rarely prefer card files and box files to preserve documents.
  4. A stabiliser with few plug points which is exclusively used to charge my laptop and mobile phone. The extra socket in this stabilizer is causing problems for me. You can see my team members coming here with their mobile phones and requesting me with the words “May I” This now seems to be a public property and I am losing ownership title.
  5. There is a Gigaset phone which I have to use to call my UK colleagues. He is ORPHAN NO. 2.
  6. There is a telephone instrument, two water bottles and quite a sizeable area of blank space in my desk which will be occupied soon by papers, objects, materials, gadgets and what else…..

By the way – Where in the world are you?

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What should I do when somebody calls me useless?

Put a smile on your face and relax. This is the best thing you should do when someone passes such remarks. One thing is understood if the person has the privilege or enjoy the rights to say anything like this to you, he is not a stranger to you. He should have avoided saying anything like this to you. Only mediocre people have such opinion about others who are familiar to them. In nutshell, people who call you useless are senseless. They will get habituated and keep passing remarks on others until some day an insane person cause damage to them both physically and mentally.

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Why are simple people cheated most of the time?

They are vulnerable to ploy and tricks. Simple people generally listen to their hearts and react. They don’t use their brains to evaluate others. They go with the flow in the relationships. I know many people who are smart and intelligent enough to know the conspiracy and planned behavior of others, but do not think of revenge or betraying the fraudulent friends and companions. I am a simple person who would prefer to stay away from people who intend to cheat me. I remain alerted.

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Why are we always thinking?

Because this is the only thing which we can easily afford and costs nothing. You use things which belong to you for this exercise and there is no borrowing from the outside world. The mind, body, brains, soul, heart and everything that is within you.

You are not asking other’s participation and intervention. The habit does not demand the specific place to cultivate within oneself. You can start thinking while traveling on a train, sitting in the rest room, climbing the mountains or while having a bath. There are no limits and barriers. You can think like a cop or like a hardcore criminal. Like a tech savvy obsessed to gadgets or like a saint and scholar who believes in Upanishads.