Ashok Narayan Pathare

Lucky you are, if blessed with an opportunity to work under a boss who has this foreign influence in his speaking skills, mannerisms and rich set of characteristics. Ashok Narayan Pathare, my former boss is the most impressive person I have ever met in my professional life. I grew up professionally looking at him. 4 years which I spent working with ANP enhanced my personality. He motivated and taught me as how to be a successful self-learner, speak, write, interact, co-ordinate and lead.

Arun Ravindranathan

Young and charismatic CEO of GI, my present company. Unnecessary intervention and monitoring the daily routines like a spy is something which no one will like it. Arun Ravindranathan never did that…. He had faith and confidence in me and had always appreciated my work. Because of his continuous encouragement all these years, I have been able to grow gracefully with GI.


Ravindra Solkar

Thanks a ton for giving your office keys.

24 x 7 access to office equipment, the laptops, internet connection, air-conditioners etc. was very much required to develop this blog, shoot videos and sharpen my skills and talent. This is possible only because of Ravi Solkar, my friend. I could step into his office at 5 AM in the morning or at 11 PM midnight on any day and start my work at any moment.