Rain in July

It is heavily raining since last night. Met Department, Mumbai predicts heavy showers in next 24 hours. Sun has completely vanished so chances of rainbow in the sky is very slim.  I was asking my friend Anthony about the climate in UK. Lift your head and let me know if you can see the shining sun in the skies of London.

He says – It is sunny here – very warm this morning and still looks quite nice (even though I am inside and can only see through the window) That was the weather report for India and UK on this day Tuesday, 21st July 2017 by Arun and Anthony.

25th June – 1st day in college for Sindhuja

Today is the first day for my daughter in college. She is pursuing BMS (Bachelor in Management Studies) 3 year course will be followed by MMS and we have options to choose. Specialisation in banking, insurance and there are many. At this moment I just want her to get comfy with degree college environment. Time will say what she chooses or prefers to build up her professional career. Times have passed. I am excited and at the same time can feel the parenting responsibilities but I am lucky we are a big family so things will be balanced and shared. Each one of us are ready to take care of each other.