WORD for a word

Sometimes it happens, you  check the MEANING of a particular WORD on any online dictionary websites, read it and then relate the same to the  news feed and  understand the whole article. It is not always possible for you to  remember that ‘word’ and its meaning and store it in your memory. This is practically impossible for persons who are  avid readers and go through varied articles.  Their curiosity will enforce them to constantly upgrade their word power and vocabulary. They read a lot.

I suggest you to log into the www.learnersdictionary.com. Create a new login (one time exercise) and then use the amazing features it has. The website allows you to save the words and the meaning which you have searched since you started using the website.

This is quite interesting. Try it out.

Few words  which I have on my list are : Sleuth, plethora, exodus, ominous, nexus, purge, flak and more…..


Business English

A mélange of General English and Business English is something which I try to use when communicating with my client contacts. We can always pick synonyms for every single word from the thesaurus, use them to reconstruct the sentences and make it more effective but by trying such attempts all of a sudden will not leave a good impression on the reader. If you are someone who is frequently communicating with a particular person, he is going to miss the originality in you. Improvement is always better but it should be a gradual change.

Website Designers

Website designers who are at their infant stages of learning can pick images from Google to incorporate in their sites. Some of these images contains the source page link or references. One should be careful while copying images which are assembled by Google. In my case, I will always ensure there is a double-check if I have to copy anything from the internet and has to be edited or represented in a different form. I always prefer to copy images from the domains which relates to other countries. Mera Bharat Mahan


Although I work for a foreign based company there are chances whilst my communication with clients or colleagues I may not pronounce certain words accurately. I would say it in the same way as I heard it for the first time from my school teacher or the seniors with whom I have worked. Correcting myself is only possible if someone brings to my notice the mistakes of mine.

Guys don’t worry and consider this as a serious limitation. Check out former President Abdul Kalam’s speech in EU Parliament on you tube. You hear him speaking in English and you will know pronunciation doesn’t matter. Words you use is important.


Escapade is an adventure, or a daring and exciting act. GI’s away day in the year 2013 was at a spot few kilometers away from Vangani.

ADVENTURE 1 – The trip to this place was an escapade. Although I participated in everything that was slated in the schedules, I found more fun in water rafting. Some of the innovative activities were deep scary and at a certain point of time I felt, I was there to qualify myself for joining Indian military.


Rahul Gandhi returns to Delhi from his 56 days Sabbatical. A sabbatical is a rest from work, or a break, often lasting from two months to a year. I need such a break at this point of time because of my new hair style. I will go to my native or any other place and will be back once I have the whole of bunch on my head. These days I am afraid of capturing my selfie in this AVATAR / appearance. Old colleagues have seen me like this before, but the new staff joining must be wandering and thinking that I am a serious and rough manager but unfortunately I am not. This is a good news for everyone.


Think in English

Lot has been shared and mentioned about the tips and tricks which can be used to improve your English and communication skills.

This unique method was brought to my notice by one gentleman when I started my professional career.

His words were – If you have to improve your English – THINK IN ENGLISH

Think about using new words and construct effective sentences. This works.