RIP Vinod Khannaji….


RIP Vinod Khannaji

Luminous, Vibrant & Jubilant!

Stylish, elegant and sophisticated actor of yesteryears passes away at 70. He and Feroz Khan both were well ahead of their times in Bollywood. Delivering a Hollywood type screen presence and styles in Indian Cinema.  When Sir VK’s career was at its peak, he left Bollywood and decided to stay with beloved Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

Most of the roles which were queued up for him went to Amitabh and these possibilities made Big B a great super star. This is truth and Bollywood can’t deny this fact.  He was the only actor who was Amitabh Bachchan’s direct competitor.

Mera Gaon Mera Desh, Qurbani & Dayavan – Incomparable performances by Sir. Vinod Khanna. I loved these movies.

I will watch your songs and movies on youtube in this weekend. Missing you.

PS:  Reading and listening to Bhagwan Osho’s discourses is my hobby.

Sentence Anthakshari

10 sentences –  ARUN THEVAR’s CONCEPT

  1. The next time you decide to take off, inform me well in advance.
  2. Advance against salary is not a good practice to follow
  3. Follow the leaders who respect their followers.
  4. Followers are generally fooled by fake saints
  5. Saints are more dangerous than the criminals
  6. Criminals never open a bank account
  7. Account is something which I never thought of learning
  8. Learning is good for people who want to pass time
  9. Time is money for those who believe in punctuality
  10. Punctuality, discipline, courtesy, sincerity all are brothers and sisters belonging to the same family.

Please make 10 sentences for me and revert.

Start with family….


If your fundamentals are not clear, the final output will be a crap.

At 4 AM exactly in the morning, it was 4 AM on my clock. Sad to say, but the clocks lying on the walls of homes built in UK, Japan, Russia does not agree with the time displayed by my clock.

The last seat in the row, close to the aisle is for the lady, if two tickets are booked by the couple.

My curiosity to taste mangoes declined when I saw jackfruit were sold at a much cheaper rate.

The moment you find me interesting, please be aware I have already pointed out ten snags in you.

You give me a word, I will be prompted to give you a meaningless sentence using that word. See above.

Green Guru – 1

At 3:19 PM in this sunny afternoon of 21st April 2017, here’s what I would like to say to all of you.

Inside the kitchen of Green Guru Restaurant, the brave cockroaches are struggling to create an independent territory for themselves.

White ants are hiding behind the sacks watching cleverly the things that are happening around. Two rats have moved to the neighbours kitchen because there is a black wild cat in Green Guru, who craves for  rat flesh.

For more news on GREEN GURU KITCHEN please stay tuned.

See you on Monday. Have a nice weekend.