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Sandesh Wangule

Sandesh Wangule

When you make your team members feel comfortable, there is always the scope of witnessing funny and hilarious office moments and that is required for a healthy environment at the workplace.

Sandy was my assistant around 10 years ago in the organization where I am currently working with. One day he came to me and said:

Sir, aap bohot tension mein lag rahe ho.

Main aapko aisa dekh nahi saktha

MAIN GHAR PE JAUN KYA.. Smart words used for asking permission for early leave from office.

Everyone was laughing. Joke hi aisa bhaari maara tha usne…….

Ek se ek namunon ke saath kaam kiya hoon zindagi mein isliye main bhi namuna ban gaya.


Arrival of Rains

Arrival of rain with a bang. Rain God, you Rock!

Few random things that I normally do when it rains.

If it is drizzling, carrying umbrella is ruled out. I want the rain drops to fall on me and its fun if we get partly wet (5 to 10%). When it rains heavily, I carry two umbrellas and also will have raincoat to protect me.

Raw peanuts drive me crazy in monsoon. The road side hawker will charge 20 INR for 250 grams. When there is cut down in rates say 15, I will be happy to pay him 20. I will ask him to consider 5 INR as tips.

Tea, Coffee, Chinese Soup sometimes, Old Monk, Old Monk and again Old Monk to get rid of hangover.

I cannot go and catch but I like to search these creatures at the lake sides. Crabs are very nice. You enjoy seeing and also eating them.

Providing shelters to dogs and cats by opening the gates of my society. Where will they go if we don’t help them?

I try to grab the middle seat if I travel by rickshaw. You are safe. Let the other two passengers curse me for the achievement.

Barsaat ke mausam mein, tanhai ke aalam mein, main ghar se nikal aaya, bottle bhi uta laaya, abhi zinda hoon to jee lene do, bari barsaat me pi lene do. I like singing this song although my voice is below average but tolerable.

Cherish the memories of my crush wala days. Gaiety, Galaxy, Gemini with Suhasini, Rohini and Malini.  With Veronica in Bandstand.

This is meant for all the seasons – not just when it rains. I do this every single moment.

Keep thinking, imagine, read, write, exploring creativity, sing songs, dance, shoot videos. Convince people to accept and tolerate me


Autobiography of a stapler

Autobiography of a Stapler

I am a rare device from the world of metals. My purpose is to unite two or more pages.  I accommodate a tiny bunch of pins, usually 100 nos. which is shelved inside me. Every time I perform and I am used, there is a release of one pin from my body.

Due to the paperless office concept, I am slightly losing my importance these days. Many of the users who use to keep me at the desk, in a place where I am reachable, have now decided to keep me inside the desk drawers. I am deeply saddened and hurt by this negligence shown by the people.


Just like that – 3

Just like that – 3

They added a drop of Sulfuric acid in water melon juice and poisoned him to death.

The pattern lock of my mobile is similar to the one which is on the device that opens the gates of Pentagon.

Venomous snake reached the top of the skyscraper through the optical fibre cables. The snake catchers are using the elevators to reach there.

Flame of the candle destroyed the darkness which was witnessed by some blind people.

The stylish villagers are dancing inside the discotheque with earthen pots on their heads.

I moved the cursor to open the door of our London room where I found wild cats and domestic rats.

When Bejan Daruwala met Batliboi, Chinnaswamy was angry with Pervez Batliwala.

The thief who stole her heart is the same religious criminal who looted the bank branch of Bilaspur

To think like Arun you need to have the brains of an insane person whose IQ level is minus 250 plus 520.


Just like that – 2

Just like that – 2

Arun wrote the following titles

Ant and the Elephant

Needle and the Sword

Caterpillar and the Butterfly

Lizard and the Crocodile

Balloon and the Parachute

Blade and the Axe

Naala and the River

Coal and the Diamond

Millilitre and Quintal

Hut and the Palace

Mishel would like to add –

Cat and the Lion

Student and the Principal

Chaddi and the Banian

Lungi and the Hat

Superman and Chotta Bheem

Tiffin box and Lota

Email and Inland letter

Water and Wine

Amnesia and Insomnia

Priest and the Psychopath

Crocin and Prozac

Brown sugar and Pepper

Pencil box and suitcase




Just like that – 1

Just like that – 1

If your fundamentals are not clear, the final output will be a crap.

At 4 AM exactly in the morning, it was 4 AM on my clock. Sad to say, but the clocks lying on the walls of homes built in UK, Japan, Russia does not agree with my clock’s time.

The last seat in the row, close to the aisle is for the lady, if two tickets are booked by the couple.

My curiosity to taste mangoes declined when I saw jackfruit were sold at a much cheaper rate.

The moment you find me interesting, please be aware I have already pointed out ten snags in you.

You give me a word, I will be prompted to give you a meaningless sentence using that word. See above.


Green Guru

Green Guru

Inside the kitchen of Green Guru Restaurant, the brave cockroaches are struggling to create an independent territory for themselves.

White ants are hiding behind the sacks watching cleverly the things that are happening around. Two rats have moved to the neighbours’ kitchen because there is a black wild cat in Green Guru, who craves for rat flesh.

For more news on GREEN GURU KITCHEN please stay tuned.