About Me


You can know about me from my friends and colleagues but those who are strangers to me and has a deep interest in knowing my flaws, I request them to go through the striking features mentioned below:

My real name is Muthuraj Arunachalam Thevar (MAT). When I found it is quite a long name and people cannot remember, I decided to abbreviate this to a shorter version. Now people call me ARUN.

I wanted to pursue IIT, IIM, BE, ME etc. but these institutions failed to shortlist my application  and refused to give me admission after scrutinizing the credentials. I take pride in thanking them for their decision.

On a serious note, I am a commerce graduate from Mumbai University. Worked with various industries over a period of 22 years. You can discuss with me about chemical manufacturers, software industry, BPO, KPO, Movies, Osho, Chanakya, Creativity, Blogging, Akbar, Birbal, Obama & the super leader of Israel Benjamin Natanyahu.

I am the eldest amongst the five kids of my mom and dad who is known his for indiscipline. I was weak in studies and there are many negative points in me which one may find in a spoiled brat.

Wife is housewife and she is assigned the task of cooking delicious food for me. My daughter stood second in her college in HSC exams. She scored 95/100 in Economics and I am in the process of taking credit from everyone by spreading this news to my near and dear ones. (LIKE FATHER, LIKE DAUGHTER)

The other member of the family is my 13 year old Tech Savvy son who loves his TAB more than his Mom, Sister and Dad.

That’s it. Thanks for reading.