14th September 2020

Evening 5.30 PM Today – View from my window

It was always beautiful through the lens in the past but now the situation is different – terribly sad.

I live in first floor and sometimes I stand near the window with a curiosity to know what’s happening in the garden.

Prior to the corona era, there were kids most of the times. Playing jumping dancing…It was all beautiful.. those days.

Now the garden seems to be a haunted spot. Nobody is around. It is disappointing and painful. Imagine if the garden has to pen down its autobiography. How it would express the sadness. The charm, glory, joy, happiness – all is lost…

It was raining today when I clicked the picture. Even if it does not rain, there is deathly silence these days.

Let’s pray for everyone and everything.

Pray for the strangers. Pray for the people who are closely related to you.. the friends.. colleagues

We have to overcome the fear of this pandemic.

Stay safe and take care.

As ever,

Arun Thevar