Ganesh Chaturthi

Tomorrow is a big festival day for all of us.

Just a request to all those who are reading this post. Many of our friends, neighbors, relatives will be on fully festive mood. You may find people in groups, moving on the streets, chanting, singing, bringing the idols of Lord Ganesha to their homes.

Some over smart people will shoot videos with the intention to convey message to everyone that people are careless. Nobody is worried about the corona. Create stories and spread messages.

If you receive such videos please do not share on any social media platforms. I received one clip few minutes ago on WA which was captioned “ Dadar flower market crowd” and this is the reason I was prompted to share my feelings.

We have to learn to live with Covid-19. Everybody wants to live and nobody would be interested in risking their lives however we the Indians cannot stop ourselves to stay calm during festival days. Let people enjoy. Don’t create trouble for people who want to get into devotional mood and celebrate the festival.

May Lord Ganesha shower blessings on everyone and we overcome this pandemic very soon.

Ganpati Bappa Morya

As ever,

Arun Thevar