Some facts / Advice


As far as possible please refrain from posting anything that relates to politics and religion on FACEBOOK. There are certain people who are taking care of and are experts in handling these things. If you cannot control yourself and your emotions please prefer TWITTER to enjoy the freedom of expression. There are many Himesh Reshmaiyyas on Twitter who will identify Ranu Mondals randomly and bless them. You can be one. Some politicians may gift you a car, home if they are impressed by your communications on sensitive issues.

A Chain smoker who never tasted the wine, beer, and whisky spent his entire life talking negatively about alcohol and drunkards. He forgot he is sailing in the same sea but on a different ship. There is one more side to expose. People who claim to be decent, clean, and give saintly lectures are also sometimes pain. I have seen an amount of ego and attitude in them. It is from my personal experience with people I came across and does not apply to all. There are few exceptional people like my beloved FB friend and Guruji Varad Shenoy. You cannot find faults in them. I look forward to learning from him always.

Don’t dislike the content just because it comes from a source which you hate. May TIKTOK haters ignored my posts. They failed to realize, I was only imitating Bollywood actors. I was only trying to add a smile on their face. Never ever I tried a single video where I played pranks, did daredevil stunts or was doing adventurous stuff misleading people to do wrong things using Tiktok. I came to know about this when Tiktok was banned and found they were tremendously happy with the decision. The problem was not Arun Thevar. Problem was Tiktok😊😊

Rest in next.

Have a lovely day.

As ever,
Arun Thevar