Work From Home

You have the privilege to work like a blinker ON/OFF. When you are in mood to work, start your system, check your emails, refresh your TO DO list, schedule the important activities and start working.

If you are not in mood there is a standard excuse which you can give to your seniors. There is power cut in my locality. Procrastinate on the tasks. Relax and take rest for some time and bounce back again… Kaam chalu kar do…

You escaped from the task of dressing up, standing in front of mirror, check if you are ageing or still a young dude, polishing shoes, picking the essentials and dropping in your bags etc ye sab se bach gaye aap…😊

You can still perform with a Bermuda and t-shirt. Your efficiency level is still on the higher side. Your brains are still functioning at par excellence.

Flexibility in working hours is something which we are gifted due to lockdown. Knowingly or unknowingly the subconscious mind of some people is thanking corona, the disease. Many people hate interacting with their boss every day. Please exclude me. I am blessed reporting to seniors who know my strengths and limitations. They know when to harass or praise me😊 and are aware of the tactics as how to control me.

That’s it for now.

You should not expect more corporate truths from an amateurish entertainer like me.

Arun Thevar

PS: Work from home – Evils to follow