Longreads – Corona

After a few weeks I stepped out of my home yesterday for 5-7 minutes. It was very disappointing to see the surroundings. Roadside shops and tapris where I always saw customers were shut down.

At some spots there were few people sitting wearing masks and were staring at everyone who passed by walking on the roads.

Everyone is worried. Frightened and scared. The body language seemed to me as if they are all patients and are on medication.

My wife was asking me to take precautions and alerting me all the time when we were walking. Like a teacher she was giving me instructions…don’t go near people… don’t touch any vehicles…walls… perhaps she is worried…my short travel on street should not invite corona to my home.

I saw a bike skidding and the person fell on the ground but nobody dared to go and help him out. People wanted to maintain distance. It was a minor accident but still on humanitarian grounds the guy deserved assistance.

All these days during lockdown I have been forcing myself to remain positive, spread joy and happiness, call people, share jokes because it is necessary. Once the office work is over or intermittently I get involved in activities which gives me happiness. Most of the times we have Taaraq Mehta Ka Oltah Chasma on TV because this is one clean serial and watchable with entire family. Old episodes are worth watching again and again.

Things are strange and abnormal outside. The mannerisms and behaviour of people while interaction is different.


Let’s pray for everyone. We shall overcome this disastrous situation soon.

Take care friends. Sorry for the emotional message😊 I behave like this sometimes😊