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Some facts / Advice


As far as possible please refrain from posting anything that relates to politics and religion on FACEBOOK. There are certain people who are taking care of and are experts in handling these things. If you cannot control yourself and your emotions please prefer TWITTER to enjoy the freedom of expression. There are many Himesh Reshmaiyyas on Twitter who will identify Ranu Mondals randomly and bless them. You can be one. Some politicians may gift you a car, home if they are impressed by your communications on sensitive issues.

A Chain smoker who never tasted the wine, beer, and whisky spent his entire life talking negatively about alcohol and drunkards. He forgot he is sailing in the same sea but on a different ship. There is one more side to expose. People who claim to be decent, clean, and give saintly lectures are also sometimes pain. I have seen an amount of ego and attitude in them. It is from my personal experience with people I came across and does not apply to all. There are few exceptional people like my beloved FB friend and Guruji Varad Shenoy. You cannot find faults in them. I look forward to learning from him always.

Don’t dislike the content just because it comes from a source which you hate. May TIKTOK haters ignored my posts. They failed to realize, I was only imitating Bollywood actors. I was only trying to add a smile on their face. Never ever I tried a single video where I played pranks, did daredevil stunts or was doing adventurous stuff misleading people to do wrong things using Tiktok. I came to know about this when Tiktok was banned and found they were tremendously happy with the decision. The problem was not Arun Thevar. Problem was Tiktok😊😊

Rest in next.

Have a lovely day.

As ever,
Arun Thevar

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Try this today

Good morning,

if you are not learning, doing anything new everyday, its an indication that you are ageing fast. These are some ways, techniques to stimulate interest and spice up your life.


Change the theme of your blog, fix the widgets in new set up.

Start chewing the tasteless tulsi leaves for few minutes.

Forget Honey Singh, Badshah and listen to Manna Dey. Old is Gold. This gem is rarely heard and he has an amazing voice.

Skip your lunch and instead drink litres of water to keep your stomach full.

Play Bappi Da & Mithun’s songs of 70-80’s and be a disco dancer today. Forget Hip Hop, Salsa, Khalsa, Ruia, Ruparel.

Having too many email accounts is a pain. Delete the ones that are lying like a corpse on the Internet.

Open the wardrobe,stare at your clothes and sincerely apologise. Tell them lockdown has forced you to avoid them.

Don’t buy or sell anything. Just visit OLX to know how people are describing trash.

These are few random things which you can try for today. Rest in next.

As ever,

Arun Thevar

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Longreads – Corona

After a few weeks I stepped out of my home yesterday for 5-7 minutes. It was very disappointing to see the surroundings. Roadside shops and tapris where I always saw customers were shut down.

At some spots there were few people sitting wearing masks and were staring at everyone who passed by walking on the roads.

Everyone is worried. Frightened and scared. The body language seemed to me as if they are all patients and are on medication.

My wife was asking me to take precautions and alerting me all the time when we were walking. Like a teacher she was giving me instructions…don’t go near people… don’t touch any vehicles…walls… perhaps she is worried…my short travel on street should not invite corona to my home.

I saw a bike skidding and the person fell on the ground but nobody dared to go and help him out. People wanted to maintain distance. It was a minor accident but still on humanitarian grounds the guy deserved assistance.

All these days during lockdown I have been forcing myself to remain positive, spread joy and happiness, call people, share jokes because it is necessary. Once the office work is over or intermittently I get involved in activities which gives me happiness. Most of the times we have Taaraq Mehta Ka Oltah Chasma on TV because this is one clean serial and watchable with entire family. Old episodes are worth watching again and again.

Things are strange and abnormal outside. The mannerisms and behaviour of people while interaction is different.


Let’s pray for everyone. We shall overcome this disastrous situation soon.

Take care friends. Sorry for the emotional message😊 I behave like this sometimes😊

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Work From Home

You have the privilege to work like a blinker ON/OFF. When you are in mood to work, start your system, check your emails, refresh your TO DO list, schedule the important activities and start working.

If you are not in mood there is a standard excuse which you can give to your seniors. There is power cut in my locality. Procrastinate on the tasks. Relax and take rest for some time and bounce back again… Kaam chalu kar do…

You escaped from the task of dressing up, standing in front of mirror, check if you are ageing or still a young dude, polishing shoes, picking the essentials and dropping in your bags etc ye sab se bach gaye aap…😊

You can still perform with a Bermuda and t-shirt. Your efficiency level is still on the higher side. Your brains are still functioning at par excellence.

Flexibility in working hours is something which we are gifted due to lockdown. Knowingly or unknowingly the subconscious mind of some people is thanking corona, the disease. Many people hate interacting with their boss every day. Please exclude me. I am blessed reporting to seniors who know my strengths and limitations. They know when to harass or praise me😊 and are aware of the tactics as how to control me.

That’s it for now.

You should not expect more corporate truths from an amateurish entertainer like me.

Arun Thevar

PS: Work from home – Evils to follow