Sushant Singh


It is very disturbing to see how Sushant’s news is used to garner attention on all the platforms. TV Channels are known to show nonsense stuff but the Youtubers and others from Bollywood fraternity who would like to be famous are also doing all idiotic things.

Many intelligent people have already become lawyers and are ready to probe. Reading his old tweets and tracing the reasons of his death.

Why they have to show Chichore on TV now?
Everything is business.

It would be very painful and disappointing to see his movies now at this point of time. His smile acting and presence on the screen can bring tears on the eyes of the viewers.

I request my friends to stop posting anything about him. Many of us are trying to prove that we are reliable source and are having more details about him as compared to others. Trying to be impressive in the midst of our friends. Stop sending WA messages about him.

It’s all over. Let his soul rest in peace. People are making a crime patrol episode out from his death. He must have gone through very tough times in his life before deciding to end his life.

Just felt like sharing my views.