Long READS-2 June 2020

Social distancing is important but you cannot stay away like this for a longer period.

It is not good to shoot videos and share with everyone about the indisciplined behavior of people or those who are not following rules. A video clip showing passengers boarding the bus in congested conditions is making rounds on social media. 

People also have the responsibility of taking care of themselves and their families. Earn for their living. Sitting at home they cannot make money and feed their family. Work-from-home pattern is not suitable for all kinds of jobs. 

They move out, travel, board buses, and face difficulties in reaching office due to limited transport services. You are trying to make a documentary out of it.

I would suggest my friends refrain from sharing such videos. Even if you receive it, just watch and forget.

We need to understand they have moved out from their homes not for any celebrations or enjoying monsoon picnic. It’s their job requirement.

Advising and alerting people on corona has now become an interesting hobby of some people. 

Amen – Zara Shaanth Baito Papparazi