Long Reads1 – June 20

I have always been fascinated with the idea of sharing details about different things. Everything that differs from the creature, human beings.

You have seen the superheroes in Hollywood movies. Superman flying, Batman jumping from one skyscraper to another. There were tragic scenes in King Kong, Hulk and we cannot forget the emotional scenes which made us cry in the movie where all metal people were playing their characters. The transformers series was a huge hit.

A few years ago, I wrote a short autobiography of stapler but then my love for the other tools in the office desk got deteriorated and I did not proceed further with the journey of writing. When it comes to writing, I would like to discuss only useless and non-serious stuff. Religion, politics, and what’s happening in the stock exchange building is not in my syllabus.

Influenced by Bollywood since childhood I was carried away with the TIKTOK and started making videos which were accepted and tolerated by most of my friends but now since the corona, the Chinese virus has devastated this planet, I deliberately deleted the app and all my 800 + videos are now moved to the trash in one of those servers of TT headquarters. The best ones are archived on my personal blog. You can have a look when you want. Facebook provokes me to share the old TT videos which are stored in the MEMORIES but I don’t want to glorify any creativity from the software that originates from the world of CHING PANG CHU & HUENS SANG WRONG.

Wearing different hats and playing a multi-dimensional role with no expertise in any specific field, I managed to survive in professional life. Sincere thanks and gratitude to my bosses for creating and amending the work profiles from time to time so that it relates to my hobbies and I enjoy working. You will love your work when it becomes a sport, entertainment. You feel the pressure but it’s a different feeling altogether. There is time-consuming research and you are forced to live in thoughts and slowly you start doing things in different ways. There is always something NEW in the way you introduce the old work you do. It’s quite interesting. It does not matter if it is a manual, matrix, or presentation. You can make a robot and also sweep the floor in a creative way.

Be creative in whatever capacity you can.

There is so much to share but your time is precious. Rest in next.

Thank you for reading the snippets. I just felt EK LAMBA POST HO JAYE. Kitna video banake pakane ka aaj kuch alag karte hain facebook mein.

Good morning and have a lovely day.