Do you remember the first horror movie you saw in your life? Go back as far as you can and mention in the comment section…the name of the movie and where did you see.

DARWAZA – The first Bollywood horror movie that I watched in a video centre by paying 2 INR. You will find in those days all the horror movies were made by Ramsay Brothers… The entire Ramsay family was involved in the making of horror films. Gangu Ramsay, Shyam Ramsay, Tulsi Ramsay pura khandaan ek unit tha😊

When I managed to watch this horror movie courageously I went for the next and in the process I watched Do Gaz Zameen Ke Niche, Purana Mandir, Kabrasthan, Saamri, Veerana, Evildead 1 & 2….The most liked was Jadu Tona…

Remembering the past


We all know that BRUCE LEE is no more but he will be alive in our heart for many years. He was a tough guy… he taught us many ways. Let’s give a hand for the departed soul.

This song is from MORCHA 1980’s movie. A shorter version was available on the YouTube

Bappi Lahiri, his music was way ahead of its time. Those days I use to stand still when this song was played on gramophone record player. Generally whenever there was any function in chawls where we lived, these songs were famous and I use to take a halt at the spot when the song was played during my journey to the school or while coming back to home or other times.

I was introduced to Bruce Lee through this song and then later I watched some of his movies like Enter the dragon, Fist of fury…

Many people underrated Bappi da’s music and he did not get due recognition. For the critics who label him as a disco music composer check out the songs of Namak Halal, Sharaabi & Pyar Jhukta Nahin composer by him. He is versatile.

The Gold Man of Bollywood is also very humble and polite. Watch some of his interviews available on YouTube.

1983 World Cup

Remembering the 1983 world cup victory: This day, that year.

When you had a red transparent screen on B/W television, it was considered as color TV in those days. I was in school (sixth class) and after every 10 meters there was a house which had color TV (with Green/Red / Blue/Black screens over the main screen)

The craze for watching cricket was at its peak during those days. The local senior goons (area ka dadas) never placed me in the playing XI due to my inability to perform.

I remember the moment when India won the World Cup. Catching LIVE TELECAST in one of my friend’s house. Evening around 8 PM. Anything apart from studies, my memory is extra sharp.

Shrikanth’s innings were the highlights when India batted but we won the match because of splendid bowling. Amarnath, Richard getting hold of Kapil’s wicket and it was a 100% team effort. Everybody contributed.

Joel Garner had tears in his eyes and was lying on the ground. West Indian cricketers were very disappointed because India snatched the world cup from two-time world champions.

Over the years, unfortunately the Carribean cricket struggled to find players like Richards, Greenidge, Haynes, Marshall, Holding and Logie.

Purane Din Yaad Aa Gaye….

Cricket ki JAI HO