Message 21/05

This is a very unacceptable environment where we are forced to live. We wake up and watch through the window and see people moving on the streets subject to terms and conditions. Shopping for daily needs, buying the things that are available. No choice making facility here and when we are interacting with people, at the back of our minds we think how long this will continue. Bad moments.

We are living inside the closed doors with the fear of becoming a patient in future, worried about the invisible attack on our health which may happen anytime.

Smiles positivity are all compromises it seems. If I have to express my views and feelings. All that I miss in my daily routine, the list is going to be quite big. Morning walk, followed by dressing up takatak, imitating all Bollywood heroes, standing in front of mirror and judge if i look takatak… slowly ageing or fast ageing…meeting my lovely colleagues etc.

I have mastered the art of living happily so until now going strong. But it is very disappointing because I am a AZAAD PANCHI type. Shayad punishment mila mujhe😊

Be happy and make others happy.

Let’s pray for everyone and have strong hopes that we will overcome this worse situation very soon.

Best wishes.

All take care and have a nice day.