Lockdown Special – Short Blogs3

Hefty Farah Khan is unhappy with the other Bollywood stars for sharing workout videos on social media. She is trolled for criticizing other celebrities. Deepika and Ranveer gave a fitting reply to her. All have gone crazy.

On a separate note, my advice to these actors of Bollywood is to take care of the support team of the shooting squad. I saw a video where one girl, who is a background dancer weeping as she was unable to feed herself and her kids. They are paid on a daily basis. There are many like her. The spot boys, stuntmen, etc. Bollywood celebrities should take care of them. A category of needy people is taken care of by the government but these people are in a miserable situation. Bollywood, help them. Donate to PM Relief Fun but at the same time, they are part of your family and you need to pay attention to their needs and grievances.

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