January 29, 11.30 AM

I was at this bank yesterday with my colleague for some official work. Approx 2000 sq.ft. bank premises where I can see around 12-15 bank employees super busy and some 35-40 customers.

A lady who could not understand English had approached six people with a NEW DEBIT CARD application form, requesting so that someone will help her to fill the form details.

Some were sitting idle waiting for their turn to meet the bank executives to deal with their grievances, requirements, demands, favour whatever it was. A few customers were listening songs on mobile, doing meditation, talking arguing with their spouse. Some were sitting just like a corpse, Cuddapah tiles but nobody was ready to help her.

I do not know why she was not approaching me but I also felt if someone else is ready to help, I will avoid because I have always disliked application forms since my childhood. I skipped appearing for many government jobs just because of the format of these forms. All small squares and rectangles where you have to fix your name surname addresses, unwanted fields, boxes, instructions to fill the form which is not easy to understand. If there is erroneous performance, after standing in a queue for one hour, the bank executive will say “naya form bharo ye sab galath hain”

Now coming back to the actual topic, the lady, may be in her early 40’s was asking everyone with a gentle smile but no one was ready to entertain her. All were behaving like as if they were doing some scientific research or enjoying picnic sitting there.

Finally I took the initiative and asked her if I can help her. She was very happy and gave me her Aadhaar card and pass book. I could sense here inability to fill the form when she was giving information and details. Poor lady and after everything was done, she gave me AASHIRWAAD and all which I always needed. I rarely visit temples.

The purpose of sharing this incident is not to prove that I am a person who will always help others. No, not at all and it is not possible for me. Certainly I motivate people to become a good bad person like me but social work is ruled out.

We should always observe the things that are happening around. If we can, we should help at least the elderly people because they might not have someone in their family to do all this.

In today’s world where technology will supersede all the traditional ways, may be in future, we might have to take help of others while we deal with these kind of mandatory formalities. Banks, hospitals, insurance offices wherever we are. We can face the situation which the lady was facing. Experience inferiority, a bit of nervousness etc. when people neglect us.

Thank you for reading. I have tried to post some sensible stuff on my FB wall I believe.

Wait for my memes and tiktok videos. Be ready to tolerate whatever I do.

Have a nice day.

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