Baccha Party – GI Olympics

With permission from the wonderful moms (my colleagues) I am posting this video. My siblings say I have spoiled many kids of friends by doing TikToks😊This video for all baccha party fans. Go creative – spread smiles is the message.

#Priyanka Kotian is not on FB😊

Visited Jupiter Hospitals

Man from MARS visited Jupiter

During the check up, the nurse was scribbling on my left hand as if it was a graffiti board and I asked her what are you doing? She said mentioning the date of visit, test type and your good name.

I wanted to tell her why don’t you also disclose the exorbitant fees you charge. Again, you handover a ISO 9001 standards documented file to the patients with all the comprehensive details so why all this wild card performance by your team.

Papa & Three Kids

I was with my wife and son walking on the streets and saw a father with his 3 kids (approx. 4,5 and 7 yrs I guess) Because it was crowded I could hear the conversation when I have to stop for a moment.

One Baccha : Papa utao

Dad responded :

“ Garden mein uchal uchal ke Khudne ke time tumhara pair nahi dukhta, abhi bolte hain humko utao” – so true it was….

😊😊😊 The way he mentioned this point was comic and hilarious & the rest was examples and examples I brought to the notice of my son whilst he troubled me and my wife during his childhood days.

Work Profile

I have made sure I always give a hint to the company management about my interests and hobbies year after year. I have refused and expressed displeasure in taking up some tasks which are assigned to me for which I was not ready. Bosses have decided a customised work profile and it also affected my annual appraisals The growth with the company, on monetary terms is not equivalent to the achievement of my fellow colleagues who joined with me, more than a decade ago, but I am certain I enjoy my work life thoroughly😊Person who lives with hobbies is more happy than an ambitious person who has set milestones and striving to achieve it.

Million dollar advice

Million dollar advice to especially who are Indians and living abroad. Live your life. Concentrate on your family and personal milestones that you have set for yourself . Love the country which feeds you. You may be a protagonist or antagonist. Come when next election is due. Your posts, vibes and advertisement is not going to make any difference.

Be wise intelligent disciplined and broad minded.

Just a post – because I also write sometimes other than making videos😊