If you are 45 and above


We grew up in the era when television was initially active only for 2 hours( 6.30 to 8.30) & the few shows which we would desperately wait to watch was Spiderman, Hoshiyaar, Chayageet, Chitrahaar Giant Robo… I remember these..followed by Yeh Jo Hain Zindagi, Humlog, Dekh Bhai Dekh and then there was revolution STAR TV MTV VTV…

No youtube no inspirational stuff online those days. Google was at its infant stages I believe.

No BPO, KPOs….succeeding in professional life was also a powerful struggle mainly for people who were academically very poor like me. Big companies refused to shortlist our CV’s😊

I was madly in love with two actors Bachchanji and Mithunda and always wanted to perform on their songs, which ultimately happened in the past few months because of TikTok. Grand Salute.

These are the few dance steps that I know. Certainly not a professional dancer or artist. All that I do is to keep myself busy and live with my hobbies. Some of my friends suggested me to try acting, kuch logon ne bola web series mein kaam karo😊 A Big NO…. Main aisa hi tik hoon… low confident😊

Thank you for the likes on my videos and posts friends.

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