Arrival of Rains

Arrival of rain with a bang. Rain God, you Rock!

Few random things that I normally do when it rains.

If it is drizzling, carrying umbrella is ruled out. I want the rain drops to fall on me and its fun if we get partly wet (5 to 10%). When it rains heavily, I carry two umbrellas and also will have raincoat to protect me.

Raw peanuts drive me crazy in monsoon. The road side hawker will charge 20 INR for 250 grams. When there is cut down in rates say 15, I will be happy to pay him 20. I will ask him to consider 5 INR as tips.

Tea, Coffee, Chinese Soup sometimes, Old Monk, Old Monk and again Old Monk to get rid of hangover.

I cannot go and catch but I like to search these creatures at the lake sides. Crabs are very nice. You enjoy seeing and also eating them.

Providing shelters to dogs and cats by opening the gates of my society. Where will they go if we don’t help them?

I try to grab the middle seat if I travel by rickshaw. You are safe. Let the other two passengers curse me for the achievement.

Barsaat ke mausam mein, tanhai ke aalam mein, main ghar se nikal aaya, bottle bhi uta laaya, abhi zinda hoon to jee lene do, bari barsaat me pi lene do. I like singing this song although my voice is below average but tolerable.

Cherish the memories of my crush wala days. Gaiety, Galaxy, Gemini with Suhasini, Rohini and Malini.  With Veronica in Bandstand.

This is meant for all the seasons – not just when it rains. I do this every single moment.

Keep thinking, imagine, read, write, exploring creativity, sing songs, dance, shoot videos. Convince people to accept and tolerate me


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