April Fool Email

APRIL FOOL SPECIAL: My last day in the company

With a heavy heart that is installed in my body weighing 72 kgs, and with immediate effect, I want to bid farewell to all of you. The reasons to quit the company are indescribable.

Please accept my sincere apologies if I had hurt the sentiments of some of my colleagues by playing pranks during the dreadful 4500 + days stay in the company. I appreciate the level of tolerance in you. Your patience and understanding is outstanding.

8 out of 10 emails that I send across to everyone has had flowery language but occasionally I have to convey that a pen is mightier than sword so you are forced to read something which failed to bring a smile on your face. Sorry for those rare attempts.

My farewell card is kept at STAR MARKET which is exactly opposite to our office building. Please check with Reshma who is cashier at counter no. 5. You pick the card,  scribble and treat that 200 INR worth card as graffiti board. Best of luck. Write whatever you want. Praise me or curse me. Use cuss words and enjoy the freedom of expression.

Finally be informed that the formal farewell party where I am requested to deliver 30 minutes funny speech will be held at Hotel Express Inn, Godbundhar road on 31st April 2019 at the wee hours. All are welcome with your spouse, kids, neighbors and relatives.

Best wishes for a bright future to one and all. I will always remember the support and cooperation that was forcefully extended to me. You all are lovely and beautiful people.

Many thanks for reading this email. Please check this space / wall / page for my tik tok videos and meaningless memes. Stay tuned.

May God bless you 24×7, 365 / 366 days in a year. Cheers!!!



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