Month: July 2018

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Yesterday, fortunately, it was a dry day and I managed to stay away from drinking. I have decided to cut back my alcohol consumption and this will happen. This time I have taken a staunch decision. It is going to be tough times for a person like me but I have to quit this habit someday.

Visiting local clinics is okay but I cannot think of lying in the hospital with all the wires, bottles and gadgets connected to my body and I am relaxing on the bed waiting for my relatives to come and see me. With fruits, coconut water, and other food items in their hand and also sympathy for the hospitalized entertainer.

Daily Blogs

23rd July 2018

I have been quiet all these months and did not take effort in updating my blog. Perhaps I was in a totally different world. A whatsapp maniac or you can say engrossed in things which gave me a certain kind of happiness which I did not experience or felt in the past. I was in the process of entertaining others especially my school friends but from today, I need a change. Things have changed. Something happens here on this unfateful day and I am back to my blog writing.

The emotional connection with the school friends will remain but I may not be always available for them. Intermittent access can be a possibility. Rest in next.