Hello friend,

My name is Arun and I’m from Agripada. My uncle is from Balochistan and he gave me your reference and told me to contact you via email. He is sure, you are of my type and we can be very good friends and go to Worli sea face for a walk in the morning and eat panipuri in the evening at Juhu chowpatty. If you would like to know more about me, this is my email aruncobra@naginworld.com. Send me a test mail for comprehensive details about my charisma, aura and kingdom.

Dear Arun,

Thank you for contacting me. I stay in Dharavi and my parents are from Karachi. I am very beautiful but only 4th standard pass. In my hobbies I like Cocaine and Vodka. Sometimes I like Ganja also. I believe in Ganpati and his rat. Especially his rat. What is your belief? . I have two boyfriends but only one girlfriend. Her name is Gangubai and she is very beautiful but married.



Posted by Arun Thevar

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