Autobiography of a Stapler

Let me introduce myself. People call me stapler.

I am a rare device from the world of metals. My purpose is to unite two or more pages. You cannot also rely on gums and pastes to bring pages together so people working in offices prefer my use. I accommodate a tiny bunch of pins, usually 100 nos. which is shelved inside me. Every time I perform and I am used, there is the release of one pin from my body.

Due to paperless office concept, I am slightly losing my importance these days. Many of the users who use to keep me at the desk, at a location where I am reachable, have now tried putting me inside the desk drawers. I am deeply saddened and hurt by this negligence shown by the people.

Currently, my owner, Arun Thevar has misplaced me and he is always looking out for my cousins who belong to the staff working at tax department of GI.  Riddhi Wagaskar is using my elder brother.



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