Happy Teacher’s day


Can you think of any leader, guru, mentor, motivational speaker, tutor, teacher,  orator or other achievers along these lines, who play a crucial role in increasing your knowledgeability?

No, you can’t.

Google gives you a comprehensive insight on anything that you wish to learn.

Other salient features:

Google is never tired of supplying you informative stuff from the pages it has assembled. All that you need is to go ahead with clicks, clicks, and clicks and smart people know to filter and pick the authentic information.

Google teacher is available for one and all. It does not discriminate the knowledge seekers, works 24 x7 including public holidays. If you have a proper internet connection, the digital library is within your reach, at your fingertips and right in front of your eyes. The slight effort is needed.

Google does not show any tantrums when you ask a question. Recipient with humility, super active, never dull, never frustrated and very much down to earth. Always ready to assist.

Please join me in wishing HAPPY TEACHERS DAY to GOOGLE, the mother of all institutions.


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