What did you do when you were 23?

To be honest, I had once managed to have a cup of cold coffee on a hot sunny day with Sridevi, sitting in a restaurant in MARS.

“LOL – It was in my dreams”

Now the things which I have never done – Here we go,

  1. I have never traveled in a helicopter.
  2. I have never tried to seek sympathy from the people I hate.
  3. I have never tasted brown sugar, cocaine or any other drugs in my life.
  4. I have never tried to steal mobile charger of my friends.
  5. I have never thought that I am a role model for the people who blindly follow me.
  6. I have never bought tomatoes from the fruit market and bananas from the vegetable market.
  7. I have never tried to insert a floppy disk into the CD drive. This I am referring to those days when we had 486/586 systems.
  8. I have never asked for a change of Rs.2000 in the denominations of Rs. 20.
  9. I have never participated in a sack race, kabaddi and volley ball.
  10. I have never taken an oath that I will give up the things to which I am addicted.
  11. I have never tried to know from my female school friends ( after 27 years when we met) as for why they never thought of admiring an intelligent person like me when I was studying with them.
  12. I have never changed my attitude towards life. I am as I was before and will be always in future, just as I am today.

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