How do I deal with dominating people?


If the family members are dominating you ( I refer to parents) you cannot do anything about this. Accept the fate and move ahead. This may be their nature. There are parents who think they sacrificed their lives for the well being of the children, struggled, faced financial problems and lived a troubled life for the growth of their children. Such parents may dominate their kids and we can only have sympathy for them. There are chances over the period of time when the children are grown up, the parents will understand their mistakes and live a peaceful life in future. Such children have just to wait for the good times.


Give it back what they deserve. If your boss is dominating you, remain quiet for some days. Hunt for a new job and on the ’D’ day glorify (thrash) him in front of his seniors. This would be the best ending you give to your employment with the company.


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