“One day while walking down the street, I saw a woman coming out of an ATM with a black purse” I don’t know if she had withdrawn money or not but one thing I can sense, she was listening Bollywood song because I could see headphones attached to her ears and mobile in her hand., perhaps latest item number. I can make out from her facial gestures. There are possibilities it could be baby doll, munni badnaam hui, bano tera swagger but I was not sure. To gather courage and enquire about her choices of songs was out of the question because I generally don’t speak to lovely ladies who are beautiful and also a stranger to me. If they don’t respond I would be making a mockery of myself so better avoid such interaction.

She stood at the bus stop which was close to the ATM center. Suddenly a Honda city arrived and gentlemen offered her lift and she, without any hesitation stepped in and VANISHED FROM MY LIFE. This was THE END of our short meeting where we both were deaf and dumb but not blind. We saw each other but did not utter a single word. Such is life diaries. Thanks for reading.


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