Can you write something about you without the letter A

Good evening,

Unveiling the secret.

Since the beginning, I forcibly used to think over the topics which were not connected to the school curriculum. I loved discourses of OSHO, story books, funny jokes, Bollywood bits, crime news, sports news, books on science, fiction etc. Sometimes I kept myself glued to the TV shows, movies, listening songs etc.

To be honest, I strictly preferred only those things which I found interesting.

Friends loved listening to my PJ’s. When I spoke, the words were most of the times very well complemented with the strong sense of humour. This helped me to build  friendship with the others very quickly.

I never spoke in English with my friends in school due to less self- confidence in me. But I continued knowing new words, noted the synonyms of the words with the hopes, in future, I will get the opportunity to use those words in my life when I meet people in offices.

GI, the KPO where I currently work, blessed me by giving unique role which closely coincides with my hobbies. Routine work in GI involves monitoring the members who work under me & get things done from them, responding to clients on issues etc.

Other activities include telling cooked up stories to the staff, using witty one liners & responsible for providing positive environment to the entire office.

It sounds, I blow my trumpet most often but these views come from people who envy me. True well-wishers will recognise my strengths. They will get inspired by me, will follow me. It is proven truth, people who doubt my intelligence will not succeed in their efforts.

My suggestion to everyone is not to rely on others to excel in your life. Internet will guide you 24 x 7. Use your phone or Home PC’s during weekends. Spend few hours on the internet. Google does everything for you. You just need to pick the piece of stuff you need from this useful source. Surfing internet with specific purpose will help.

Best wishes for your successful growth in every sphere of life.

Enjoy your weekend.


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