Admin without letter ‘O’

Paragraph excludes the letter “O”

His Highness Shibu Bhavanandan is a smart, intelligent and clever admin. Whenever I met him at Dreams Mall, Bhandup, I felt he is a brilliant human being. His qualities are unmatchable and supreme.

Ladies in BPES 87-88 batch are simply fascinated by his charisma and style and the best thing is that he never tried taking advantage. His desires are crystal clear. I have never seen him flirting with my friends. He is a masterpiece and we all like him very much.

Whenever I feel like pulling his leg, I call him KAALIYA and he is receptive. We even like calling him JAADIYA, PAKAU but have never seen him in rage. He gracefully accepts all the titles which we give and the greetings extended by us.

He is mad after Chinese recipe and I have seen him eating chicken chilli like a hungry black pig at a restaurant in Dreams Mall. This interesting scene was witnessed by my friends.

My friend Shibu hardly watches any films during the weekends. He is blessed with a beautiful wife and naughty kids. His pastime activities include playing chess with his kids and disturbing his friends via WhatsApp chat regularly.

The next GRAND EVENT is scheduled in September and we all are equally excited. This is admin’s great achievement and we all admire him. It is very difficult finding such a fantastic man on this planet.

With this, I am ending this literature. I am sure this write-up will be appreciated by my friends.


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