Thank you Google

Belated wishes – GURU POORNIMA

Dear Google

On this auspicious day when students acknowledge their teacher’s contribution by paying respects and express their gratitude, please accept my deepest thanks for playing a crucial role in shaping up my professional career.

1. The transformation of average knowledge seeker to a successful and proactive self-learner was because of your presence, as my guide and tutor all these years. Your instant response to my queries has encouraged me to consistently and continually learn new things from you.
2. Thank you for those amazing and vibrant designs which I picked from the web pages assembled by you. I could create attractive e-cards for invitations, birthdays and for all kinds of events and celebrations.
3. I pursued a professional course which had LOTUS (forefather of EXCEL) as a part of curriculum in the year 1994 and that became totally outdated when my professional career was in the process of attaining stability. You taught me excel which was totally new for me then.
4. Always lived with the hopes that there should a digital library so that I can bring together all those bits and pieces which relates to me and are scattered on youtube, facebook and other websites.  I learned how to create my own blog from you –My dream has come true.
Last but not the least: I place you above all the teachers, bosses and mentors and I don’t have to pay or serve you to gain knowledge from you.
Thank you Google Guru.

Arun Thevar


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