What made you sad today?

I bought a big one-litre bottle of Patanjali AMLA JUICE (GOOGLE says…. it is Indian Gooseberry) last month from STAR MARKET which is opposite to my office and on the same day I transported this bottle to my home by using our office cab. The feedback from my family to this hygienic drink was negative and completely negative because nobody liked the taste of Amla.

I decided to bring this back to my office and keep it safely in the office pantry cupboard. A female team member who is always happy to help me is assigned the task to make a glass of AMLA JUICE for me, 2–3 times in a week.

My favourite DRINK is a mixture of LEMON, AMLA and WATER ( not just AMLA and WATER). Today I forgot to bring lemon from my home and as a result, I could not have my energy drink.

This made me sad today.

I am disappointed.


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