How can we assess whether a person is good or bad?

It is not an easy task. A person who is good to you can prove to be bad to the others. People’s behavior is situational and changes when they interact with different types of people. When you are studying in college, scholars form a bracket and stay with those who are academically strong just like them. They don’t spend time with classmates who are weak in studies. Good friends sometimes distance themselves from you due to name, fame, and glory. There are people who start their professional career with you but gradually when they reach greater heights, they start avoiding you. This is a bitter truth of life.

On a separate note, if you are a matured and intelligent person (like me…ha ha..) you can easily judge if the person is good or bad. Concentrate on their behaviour when they interact with people who work under them. I can easily spot the goodness or bad things in my fellow colleagues by keeping a tab on how they manage their juniors.


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