People how judge you

I didn’t perform well in my academics and people around me are judging me for what I am. How should I take this?

I am sailing on the same ship. A grand salute to those achievers who have performed academically well but it is not necessary that they are going to live a happy professional life. The certificates and colorful marks are certainly necessary to give a great start-up but after you join any organization there are qualities which one should have cultivated in himself to get along with his colleagues. No education, no college, teachers are going to teach you this. This is basically connected to your upbringing, the friend’s circle and your ability to mingle with others.

For example you cannot be a good leader just with your mark sheet and scoring skills. To lead a team, one should know how to build rapport with his/her colleagues, with the superiors and the juniors.

Forget what people think about you. They cannot judge you because this is not a court. Just chill and enjoy your life. Give your best and the best will come back to you.


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